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This page is to assist you in your duty to yourself and your family to do your research.  Yep, we actually encourage it!


Southern California Edison new rate plan 2018

Customers may find themselves quite surprised when they open their electric bills in 2018.  SCE has been sending leaflets in our bills for some time now.  January 2018 new Time of Use rates will go into effect. Watch the video to see how it will impact you.

How does the Tax Credit actually work?

While we aren't tax advisors and we strongly suggest you speak to yours, sometimes it helps to understand how this all works since it's the government and your taxes that are involved.  Solar should be simple and make sense.  This video by one of our leading lending partners helps make it simple.  Contact us for a more tailored discussion to your personal needs.

What if I sell my home?  

Anything that involves ownership (Cash, Finance and PACE) all have the ability to become financial assets that EARN you equity in your home.  a PPA rarely does.  The statistics show that homes sell faster but not necessarily for more money.  Check out the link that gives you way more info than you have time to read.  But in the event you do, you’ll find that homes are trending towards increased value with the addition of solar rather than it becoming a hinderance…especially if it’s owned! In fact, Berkley Labs says that of the 20,000 plus homes they followed and researched, those that owned their solar added about 20k in additional home value on a 3.5kw system! WHAT?! That's better than upgrading that bathroom with a target sized purchase of Fixer Upper stuff.  (well, Joanna and Chip would probably say get solar, too.)


You generally have 3 options when you move.  1.  Sell it as part of the home and make money on it.  2.  Transfer any remaining debt or plan to the new buyer.  3.  Take it with you (certainly you should except a fee for removal, storage and reinstallation on your new home).

Is solar just a fad?  Or is it a trend? How do I know it's here to stay? 

Just look at the interest rates and terms banks are offering now compared to where they first started.  We can now take advantage of rates as low as 2.99% and terms as short as 5 years.  Our goal is always to put you in a financial plan that makes your life better, never worse than what you pay now.  If your utility company came to you and said, "We will lock in your current payment for the next 10-12 years and never raise it.  After, we will stop charging your for power, but still give you power." Would you do that deal?  OF COURSE YOU WOULD. Well, that's solar now.

going solar feel daunting? Which way is best?

Sometimes just trying to figure out how to go solar is as frustrating as making the decision to actually doing it. Do you just use cash, what about a ppa, or is there a way to finance it that makes more sense?  How do I get the most from tax credits and what happens with my relationship with my utility when I do go solar?  In the videos below we will answer those questions.  Keep checking back for more and more useful information.  


Wondering how a solar loan actually works?  Why has the industry shifted so heavily towards ownership?  Watch the video and see!