From the local utility company, to state and federal rebates and credits, to financing and more - You Have OPTIONS! But, you have to know what they are in order to take advantage of what is available to you. This is where we excel. We share knowledge. You take that information and make decisions. Smart decisions. Things that actually make sense. 


Local Utility Company

Rate Plans
Navigating your power bill is not easy. It's not supposed to be. It's almost like they don't want us to understand how we pay for power. Multiple plans exist but which one is right for you?

Discount Programs
There's all kinds of discounts and specialized rate plans to help people who may fall into different categories that require assistance. What programs might you qualify for?

State Rebates and Credits

Certain products and services may earn you rebates that put money invested right back in your pocket. Free money? No, not really, but every bit helps.

Tax Credits
Local municipalities and utility companies may offer additional benefits in the form of credits and rebates to. Find out what they are. 

Financing Options

Low Interest Unsecured Loans
What's your budget? Why create a new line item and generate another payment. Eliminate a power bill that earns no value over time and replace it by buying into something that brings value and equity. And more importantly, freedom.

PACE Financing
Property Assessed Clean Energy. Amazing opportunity to turn your home's equity into cash that can be used for all kinds of improvements all related to energy. Roofs, windows, insulation, appliances, solar, landscaping and a variety of things designed to save you money and help our planet.

Renewable Energy Programs

Power Purchase Agreements and Leases
Don't want a loan or the home equity to fund making renewable energy and saving money on power? Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's) and lease options can still provide years of savings which at first glance may only seem like a small monthly savings, but added up over time can be literally tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket!